Partnership with YOU

We are partnering with Recruitment Agencies Overseas. We are very well equipped and keen to partner with recruitment agencies for planning and successfully completing recruitment alliances with local agencies abroad. Recruitment agents and contract staffing companies have often joined with us for their manpower needs from the Philippines and other countries abroad in the business of operating procurement, training and placement services. You may also be added as our partner and be benefited in the changing world to a new business practices. We are sourcing various types of Manpower worldwide to meet and be benefited on both ways.

Terms and Conditions

Foreign Employers / Principal who intends to recruit Filipino workers are required to be legally represented by a government license manpower and recruitment company. And registered to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), recruitment of Filipinos for foreign employment is regulated to ensure the interest of all parties.

Philippine manpower and recruitment company are highly regulated by POEA and tasked to take responsibility and ensure that the welfare of the workers that has recruited and deployed to foreign employers.

Pre-Employment Terms

We will recruit and pre-select applicants for your evaluation and final selection. This will be very useful when the foreign employer will come to interview the pre-selected workers.

Employment Terms

Contract – Employment contract is 2 years and renewable at the option of both parties.

Worker Hours – 8 hours a day. 6 Days a week.

 Overtime Pay, Vacation Leave, Sick Leave – shall be in accordance with the labor law of the host country.

Placement Fee:  1 Month Salary Equivalent

We collect from the worker a Placement Fee, an amount equivalent or not more than the worker’s one month salary, as per POEA’s implementing rules and regulations.

 These are the different options for payment of Placement Fee:

1.  Employee will accept the job offer and shoulder the payment of placement fee.

2.  In some cases where company/country policy, prohibits recruiter from collecting fees from the selected employee, the Employer may shoulder the payment called Recruitment Fee usually equivalent to One Month Salary.

3.  Employee accept the job offer and request the Employer to settle placement fee equivalent to one-month salary in advance which will be deducted on installment basis from his/her monthly salary.

Coverage of Guarantee

Contract workers who are found unfit for their job they have applied for during the first ninety days (90) days of employment from their date of arrival in the job site provided, however, that said the worker has not been assigned to the position other than what has been previously agreed upon and stated in their contract of employment. This covers only to workers finalized by AGENCY staff. Should the workers be selected by our client and/or a client representative, it is understood that the workers have been selected technically accordingly to the clients’ requirements, thus won’t cover this guarantee.

Fees and Costs

As per Philippine government requirement; Service Fee, Mandatory Insurance, POEA processing fee, and Visa Fee

Air Tickets: Company or Foreign Employer will provide tickets after finishing all processing of documents.

Fees related to the medical examinations at the country of origin will be shoulder by the applicant.

If confirmatory medical examinations are conducted in the host country, the fee shall be paid by the employer.