Applicant FAQs


You have questions. wE have answers.

May your step with us be easier with the answered questions below, if your question has not been satisfied in this page, please proceed to contact nearest branch office.

What is FLB Overseas Employment Agency (FLBOEA)?

It is an active member of the Overseas Placement Association of the Philippines (OPAP) which closely works with the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) in protecting the rights and welfare of Filipino contract workers. Our sincere sense of mission and service continuously inspires us to provide quality services and assistance and pursue our vision of expanding globally and becoming a major provider of overseas employment. FLB does not only provide work opportunities but aims to guarantee a secure and stable future for aspiring Filipinos.

​I’m interested to work abroad, what are the requirements?

Applicants who would like to apply with us, please refer to the web page provided below the details for full information. Currently, the available openings require the applicants to submit their documentation electronically or visit our office. You may use the FLB CV format to submit your online application.

Does FLB provide accomodation located in Manila?

FLB OVERSEAS EMPLOYMENT AGENCY INC. does not own/or maintain to offer any accomodation for applicants located within or Metro Manila