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I’m interested to hire staff from your agency, what should I do?

Over the years we have been visited by many principals: Directors of Companies, Recruitment Managers, and General Managers. We welcome our principals to our humble and hospitable country especially in Manila and or in our branch where they can conduct interviews for their candidates or for their clients. Our marketing managers also travel out of the country to invite our partners and secure our future hired workers that they are in good working condition once employment is done.

What should you know as an Employer?

The POEA, from time to time, issues circulars and memoranda for the guidance of registered foreign employers and recruitment agencies. Our agency will inform you or will send you the latest Memorandum Circular for any update coming from the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration(POEA).

The next step is to contact us immediately, send an e-mail to our marketing manager/s and introduce your company to us.

We can send a representative if you are in the Middle East. Please call (+966) 504832399 for English and (+966) 50538368981 for Arabic speaking. We will contact you and make all the necessary information ready for you within the shortest possible time. We will inform you about the steps that you need to take in order to solve your manpower shortage or your client’s need for candidates.

Requirements for Company Accreditation

FLB Overseas often fill out and prepare the following documents below for our employers and send via courier (DHL) for employer’s signatures and chopping to avoid delay & proper documentation free of charge.

1. Requirements for Company Accreditation:

2. Business / Commercial License of the Company with English translation copy

3. Passport of Company’s Representative or any Sponsor government ID with sponsor’s signature included.

4.Latest Business Registration or Commercial Registration Certificate (CRC)All with English Translation copy

5.Contingency Plan

6.Visa Authority (authority to claim visa at the embassy) with English Translation copy

7.Visa Receipt or Enjazit print out with English Translation copy

9.E-wakala for Middle East employers with English Translation copy

NOTE: All of the above documents must be registered or stamped by the local chamber of commerce in the country of the foreign employer and the Master Employment Contract must be duly signed on each page, notarized and authenticated at the Chamber of Commerce. In addition that all documents mentioned above must be authenticated and verified at the Philippine Embassy nearest you.

What are the charges?

The fees of FLB Overseas vary, depending on the number of workers required, the length of time that the workers will be processed, and the complexity of the requirements. Generally, we will ask questions about a number of things before we quote our prices.

Mobilization Expenses

The reasonable placement fee equivalent to a one-month basic salary regardless of position/category required. The skill and professional worker will take care of personal expenses such as medical, passport and other clearances necessary for employment. However, Household Service Workers are free of charge. 

Placement Fees

In cases of unavoidable financial difficulty, financial assistance is offered by the Principal to their worker. We suggest that the employer advance the Placement fee of the selected Skill & Professional worker and deduct it from their salary in staggered payment with a corresponding promissory note from the Worker duly notarized by a notary public equivalent to One month salary of the worker paid prior to the departure of the worker.  NO Placement fee for Household Service Workers.

Three (3) Option for Placement Fee




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