Partnership with YOU

is partnering with Recruitment Agencies Overseas. We’re very well equipped and keen to partner with recruitment agencies for planning and successfully completing recruitment alliances with local agencies abroad. Recruitment agents and contract staffing companies have often joined with us for their manpower needs from the Philippines and other countries abroad in the business of operating procurement, training and placement services. You may also be added as our partner and be benefited in the changing world to a new business practices. We are sourcing various types of Manpower worldwide to meet and be benefited on both ways.

For Inquiries about how we may serve your manpower requirements, please get in touch with our marketing Managers at or email to the following;



Female Beautician

Female Hair Dresser

Female Women Tailor Clothing

Male Restaurant Worker

Male Painter

Male Plumber

Draftsman General


Car Electrician

General Electrician

Technician Inspector


Truck Driver

Female Nurse

Domestic Helper

Male Laborers

Female Cleaners

Female Nail Technician

Femaile Nail Artist

Rigger 1/2/3

High School Teachers

Female Nurses

Dermatologist Doctor

Dental Implant Doctor

Photographer/Videographer Male

Photographer/Videographer Female

Graphic Artists

Studio Operations Manager

Studio Manager

Male Chef

Female Event Organizer