Downloadable Forms

The Philippines has procedure for the recruitment of manpower should principals require the services of any agency in the country. The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) requires the following documents from both parties to legalize the procedure of recruitment process:

Click on the links below to view sample documents. All documents are based on official issuances, rules and regulations of the POEA. (PDF file is in English for General forms) (Word file is in English & Arabic for Middle East forms)

Special Power of Attorney (SPA)   English  |  English/Arabic
Manpower Request   English  |  English/Arabic
Standard Employment Contract   English  |  English/Arabic
Contingency Plan   English
Recruitment Agreement   English

After these documentary procedures are complied with FLB OVERSEAS EMPLOYMENT AGENCY INC. shall begin to set the wheel of motion for the recruitment and hiring of the needed workers.



Female Beautician

Female Hair Dresser

Female Women Tailor Clothing

Male Restaurant Worker

Male Painter

Male Plumber

Draftsman General


Car Electrician

General Electrician

Technician Inspector


Truck Driver

Female Nurse

Domestic Helper

Male Laborers

Female Cleaners

Female Nail Technician

Femaile Nail Artist

Rigger 1/2/3

High School Teachers

Female Nurses

Dermatologist Doctor

Dental Implant Doctor

Photographer/Videographer Male

Photographer/Videographer Female

Graphic Artists

Studio Operations Manager

Studio Manager

Male Chef

Female Event Organizer